Stuffed Mushrooms

When I make dinner for my mom, the first menu option we discuss is mushrooms. How can we use mushrooms? Mushroom risotto, mushroom quiche, mushroom lasagna, cream of mushroom soup… the options are overwhelming, and sadly, the opportunities fleeting.

I don’t often have occasion to entertain with mushrooms, because entertaining usually means feeding Handsome Greg, and Handsome Greg is afraid of mushrooms. He doesn’t just dislike them, he fears them.

Christmas lasagna, green bean casserole on Thanksgiving, date night, Friday night supper – no mushrooms allowed. Because they’re TERRIFYING.

Ooogity Boogity!

So when it was time to plan the menu for Mom’s birthday dinner, she made a special mushroom request: Stuffed Mushrooms from the Pillsbury Cookbook she received as a wedding gift from her parents in the 60s.

They are delightfully old school – tasty, tender, crunchy, gooey.

Recipe below the fold

The only thing I changed was to use pepper jack cheese instead of American cheese.

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