orange cranberry sauce

This week I’m posting Thanksgiving recipes, most of them on loan from my mom, who rules.

Along with my irrational childhood contempt for stuffing, I wasn’t really crazy about cranberry sauce as a kid, either. Granted, we used to eat the canned cranberry jelly thing, served in the shape of the can, but still.

As I recall, I didn’t really care for any Thanksgiving food, other than mashed potatoes and gravy.

My deep and passionate love of mashed potatoes has only grown over the years. But so has my appreciation, and yes, love for all the beautiful dishes served side by side with the gallant potatoes.

Mom and I have been tweaking our cranberry sauce recipe for the past few years, and we’ve finally settled on a winner. The recipe below is perfect – it’s just sweet enough and just tart enough. The port makes it rich, and the orange keeps it from being too rich.

Recipe below the fold

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