Gone Fishin’

Hey Strangers! As I’m sure you both have noticed, I’ve been a little, uh, casual in my posting schedule. The truth is, I’m eating pretty differently than I was before. I’m just finishing up the Whole30 Challenge (today is Day 29!) and while it’s not right for everyone, it’s been really great for me. The food I’m preparing right now is more utilitarian than mouthwatering, so I won’t be blogging my recipes. Perhaps when I’m better at making delicious, grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free meals, I’ll invite you back into my galley kitchen.

Until we eat again…


Banh Mi Sliders

Finished tray of banh mi

Two years ago, I had never tasted Vietnamese food. And today I would “Hey, Kool Aid” through a brick wall if I thought there was a banh mi on the other side of it.

Open Banh Mi

What can I say? People change. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m scary allergic to bell peppers, ginger, coffee, curry, and wasabi. But (in recent months) that hasn’t stopped me from experimenting with Asian flavors I’ve never before tasted in entirely inauthentic ways!

Close up banh mi

This delightfully tiny, non-lethal slider version of the classic banh mi features sweet and savory pork, quick pickled vegetables, sriracha mayo, salty peanuts, and fresh cilantro on sweet Hawaiian rolls.

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Chocolate Bark with Chipotle Pepitas and Pop Rocks


Happy 4th of Halloween Eve!

Chipotle Pepitas
To celebrate the magic of Halloween, this year I decided to make a candy inspired by … 4th of July fireworks.

When I was a girl, I though fireworks and firecrackers were so beautiful—pretty enough to eat—and I desperately wanted to know what they taste like. Fortunately my sensible sister Emily dissuaded me from taking a big bite of fiery sparkler.

Melted Chocolate
This candy tastes like you just ate a firecracker, but without the hassle of having to re-grow your eyebrows. First it’s sweet and hot, then there’s an explosion in your mouth, followed by a bit of lingering smoke.

Seeds in Chocolate
The recipe for chipotle pepitas makes far more than needed for the chocolate bark, and that’s fine by me. The salty, smoky seeds make an excellent crunchy snack.

 Plate of Firecrackers

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On Hiatus

Hello, out there!hello, out there…lo out there.

In the event that there’s anyone waiting on pins and needles for a new recipe at Galley Kitchen, I just wanted to let you know that posting would be, um, sparse for the next couple of months. I’m in rehearsal for a new musical revue at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, and I’ve got no time to cook, let alone write about cooking. No one needs to hear about the gas station sandwiches I’ll be eating for dinner until August.

Have a great summer, whoever you are!